404 Media Group is a family run business co-founded in 2010 by husband and wife team Roger and Camille Dundas. They started the business in a tiny condo apartment with just two publicity clients and a dream. The apartment number was 404. 

Since then, the company has flourished to serve over 100 clients and expanded its services to include web design and media training.

Camille and Roger had their own businesses when they first met, but Camille's media expertise and Roger's creative management skills fit like a hand in glove. Merging their lives and skills quickly became the obvious route.

They've been working together since the first week they met in 2010 and they've never looked back. Their connection and chemistry were instant so it's no surprise Camille and Roger were married within a year of their first meeting.

Since then they've built two businesses that have raised the bar in their respective fields, all while raising a spunky little boy named Chase and a precocious baby girl named Marley Rose.

The couple points to their rock solid relationship as the reason they are able to seamlessly transition between husband and wife, mom and dad, and co-bosses.

Roger is the Creative Director of 404 Media Group (created in 2010), scouting and managing new publicity and web design clients, while Camille is the Media Trainer, advising and training clients on how to leverage mainstream media.

404 Media Group has carved a niche with taking small business owners to the big stage of mainstream media coverage. Camille and Roger have become known for their ability to take the underdog to the top, landing coveted media interviews for clients on shows such as Breakfast Television, CP24 Breakfast, CTV Canada AM and the George Strombo Show.

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