How To Really Make It In The Media

How To Really Make It In The Media

Eight years ago I got laid off from my first real media job and had to start all over again. But I wasn't about to be shut out for good.

How did I do it? Well first of all I made a shit load of mistakes. Some of them more than once. But I never gave up and did whatever I had to do (that was legal) to stay in the industry.

That means I interned at a major TV station for 8 months with no pay. (Wait that's probably not legal nowadays). I went home after "work" and taught English online to Saudi Arabian businessmen from midnight to 4am, slept, woke up and went to work for 9am. During the evenings I worked on networking with other media professionals and hit the streets shooting my own stories for a demo reel.

And that's not even the half. I encountered loads of shady people, shady deals and found myself in more than one unpleasant (to put it nicely) situation or atmosphere. 

But here's where I got lucky. I had a few key people in the industry who saw something in me and showed me to the "third door". Real opportunities are behind that door. It's not the door you go through after filling out online applications. It's the door you go through when you know the right people. As I look back at how my career has unfolded so far, I realize that not everyone will get this lucky.

But why shouldn't you? If you want to make it in the media, why shouldn't you get to interact with key media people who can tell you what you need to know? That's why I decided to create an event to give anyone access to the right people and to the ideas and mindsets that helped me make it in the media.

Join me on May 5th as I host the panel discussion "How To Make It In The Media" featuring 3 of Canada's best journalists: Tracy Moore - host of CityLine on CityTV, Pay Chen - host of The Pay Chen Show on Newstalk 1010 and Ron Waksman, a senior director at Global News.

These panelists will hold nothing back, sharing their personal stories of how they made it to the top and giving their advice on how you can do the same. There will be an audience Q & A as well as a photo opp.

Click here to tickets while you can. Knowledge is power.

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